Keizer Solutions | About Keizer Solutions
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Our Story

It is well known that at least 23% of all processes in a healthcare enterprise can be and should be, safely outsourced freeing up providers and payers to focus on their core competencies. Unfortunately this means that most clients are inundated with multiple vendors tripping over each other to provide small segments of these outsourceable services. Many times the client gets caught in the cross fire when vendors start pointing fingers at each other for the chaos that can sometimes ensue.

Keizer Solutions was created with the intent of becoming a single source for healthcare clients seeking to outsource any business function so that the client needs to know and deal with only one entity for all its needs.

Keizer Solutions believes that the three pillars of success requires synergies amongst people, processes and technology. 

People: We recruited a team of very experienced industry professionals led by seasoned consultants with deep first–hand industry knowledge and experience.

Processes: We developed and adopted proven processes and standardized them so our clients would consistently get high quality results in every engagement.

Technology: Rather than re-invent the wheel, we acquired and integrated two proven technology platforms, namely Colonial Valley Software that evolved into a robust certified Electronic Medical Record System and Practice Management System first introduced 35 years ago and Scryptions a unique transcription system known for its exceptional reliability and user friendliness.

This triad of resources is the backbone of Keizer Solutions’ resounding industry success!

Our Mission

Free up our healthcare clients to do what they are trained to do while we optimize all other processes in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our Vision

Become your most trusted low profile partner who will be your single source for optimizing any and all non-clinical processes.

Our Promise

We will strive to optimize your business processes cost-effectively and provide you ethical guidance on all business and regulatory matters to make you successful.