Keizer Solutions | Business Process Outsourcing
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Keizer Solutions can assist with all your business processes. Our services can be broadly classified under one of the following three categories.


Every healthcare enterprise whether big or small, has many moving parts and processes that can be more efficiently handled by external partners leaving you to focus on your core competencies. Keizer Solutions can be your single source of support with our specialized programs listed below.


With cyber criminals increasingly using sophisticated tools to target the healthcare technology environment, it is imperative to adopt a dynamically evolving cyber-security program to keep them at bay. K-CYBER adopts a wholistic approach to assess risk, build a formidable defense, and remediate against cyber crime.


In the present society that is heavily reliant on social media for almost every function in life, it is becoming increasingly important for the healthcare enterprise to not only have an active presence in social media for rapid dissemination of information but also timely manage its social media profile to remain market competitive. The K-MEDIA program continuously scans, optimizes and updates social media profile and improves positive e-traffic.


Rapidly evolving regulations is the norm for the healthcare industry, making it difficult to keep up and fully and timely comply. The K-REGULATE program is designed to assist in educating and complying with such programs such as MACRA, VBP etc. and automate much of the cumbersome processes.


A healthcare call center to support your office whether it be for scheduling, two-way messaging, pre-authorizations or any other call center functioning that optimizes your processes.


A team specializing in document management, document archiving and legal release of information to relieve your team from timely balancing numerous imperatives with limited time at their disposal.


This is a unique service offered by us to address all your remaining needs whether they be related to Payroll, HR, accounting, legal, liability insurance, compliance, supply chain management or other non-clinical functions.


A team that can act as an extension of your front office to assist in improving population health and exceeding the scores in quality measures that you seek to track and improve. Whether it be coordinating Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management, Wellness Programs or Mental Health Screening Services, K-POP can assist you with it.


In order to ensure your success, we would be willing to provide the following tools at no charge to you!


The heart of the health enterprise process automation is a robust, intuitive and reliable Practice Management System. K-PMS is unique in that it is truly intuitive and makes mundane business processes such as billing, human resources, supply-chain, compliance, scheduling activities less cumbersome minimizing the need for redundant steps which invariably results in improved accuracy and productivity.


There are numerous certified Physician Office EMRs around and while they are generally similar in function and features, K-EMR differs in that it is ridiculously easy to use ensuring quick adoption by clinicians of every vintage and is very affordable! Now who can beat that combination?