Keizer Solutions | Health Information Management
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Keizer Solutions can assist with all your business processes. Our services can be broadly classified under one of the following three categories.


Managing, documenting and billing for every patient encounter accurately and timely is of paramount importance to any healthcare enterprise. Having advanced tools and an expert team such as Keizer Solutions ensures instant success.


Accurate electronic documentation of every encounter, whether in person or electronically, is imperative to the delivery of high quality patient centered healthcare and for medico-legal reasons. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution out there and that every individual provider is different in how they wish to document their encounters. Accordingly we offer several different methods for transcribing the encounters as listed below. The one thing they all have in common is that they quickly and accurately end up in the right spots on your EMR:

1 Live: You can call into our transcription phone line and dictate. The files get transcribed, reviewed, edited and placed in your EMR.

2 Voice Files: Using a hand-held recording device, you may dictate notes and your docking station sends us the voice file which gets transcribed, reviewed, edited and placed in your EMR.

3 Scribes: For those of you who dislike dictating, we can provide either a live scribe on site or a virtual scribe who will remotely follow your encounter and reliably transcribe the encounter for you.


Keizer’s coding team not only promptly and accurately code the healthcare services rendered but also has a robust review process to eliminate coding errors.


To optimize reimbursement and in keeping with evolving regulations, everyone can benefit from a coding audits and clinical document improvement reviews. Our team’s eagle eyes are trained to assist you in this invaluable process.


In order to ensure your success, we would be willing to provide the following tools at no charge to you!


The heart of the health enterprise process automation is a robust, intuitive and reliable Practice Management System. K-PMS is unique in that it is truly intuitive and makes mundane business processes such as billing, human resources, supply-chain, compliance, scheduling activities less cumbersome minimizing the need for redundant steps which invariably results in improved accuracy and productivity.


There are numerous certified Physician Office EMRs around and while they are generally similar in function and features, K-EMR differs in that it is ridiculously easy to use ensuring quick adoption by clinicians of every vintage and is very affordable! Now who can beat that combination?