Keizer Solutions | Revenue Cycle Management
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Keizer Solutions can assist with all your business processes. Our services can be broadly classified under one of the following three categories.


Having provided your time and expertise delivering high quality healthcare to your patients, you deserve to be reimbursed correctly and quickly. Unfortunately, that does not happen in most cases. You need the skills of partners such as Keizer Solutions to promptly collect every cent you are entitled to and advise you of pitfalls to avoid for the future.


The lifeline to any healthcare enterprise is being able to timely and fully collect revenues that are due them without breaking the bank! One may be content with their RCM services because they have not experienced anything better but just imagine being able to significantly reduce your AR days (accounts receivable days), increase the collection rate and reduce the billing costs! That becomes reality with K-RCM’s proven methodology. What is more, the innovative and proactive K-Pre Collect system not only ensures timely payments but virtually nips denials in the bud boosting collection rates to near 100%!


High volume providers usually have limited time to chase after and collect on denied or suspended accounts and these can keep accumulating and eventually have to be written-off because they become too old to collect. Our K-AR system is designed for just such a situation. We can assist you in recovering the revenues from claims that need that extra bit of work to get paid. We can do that in tandem with your team or independent of your team freeing them up for more urgent tasks.


If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting. This adage is true in Billing & Collection world. In order to avoid repetitious errors and to focus efforts for maximum impact, it is important to analyze the process, outcomes and effort of various segments to base important strategic decisions on and that is exactly what K-AR ANALYZE does for you.


Timely delivery of easy-to-understand and customized patient statements is key to obtaining timely payments from patients. Our system not only makes it easy for your team to upload the information into our system to generate and mail the statements but also makes it easy for your patients to remit their payments in any way they prefer using our user-friendly systems.


To help you in reminding and convincing your patients who are reluctant to pay their share of the financial obligations, we can take over the collections functions for you so that your staff can utilize their time on other important functions.


In order to ensure your success, we would be willing to provide the following tools at no charge to you!


The heart of the health enterprise process automation is a robust, intuitive and reliable Practice Management System. K-PMS is unique in that it is truly intuitive and makes mundane business processes such as billing, human resources, supply-chain, compliance, scheduling activities less cumbersome minimizing the need for redundant steps which invariably results in improved accuracy and productivity.


There are numerous certified Physician Office EMRs around and while they are generally similar in function and features, K-EMR differs in that it is ridiculously easy to use ensuring quick adoption by clinicians of every vintage and is very affordable! Now who can beat that combination?