Keizer Solutions | Why Should You Outsource Your Statement Mailing?
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Why Should You Outsource Your Statement Mailing?

Why Should You Outsource Your Statement Mailing?

Whether you own a small clinic or manage a large hospital, you’ll inevitably have to deal with mailing invoices and billing statements to insurance firms and self-paying patients. There’s nothing wrong with handling this task on your own. However, why do so when you can outsource statement mailing to experts?

The benefits of outsourcing statement mailing:

Reduce your expenses

This is probably one of the biggest and most obvious reasons to outsource mailing tasks. When you hand these tasks over to third-party companies, you no longer have to hire full-time employees to mail statements to patients. This, in turn, means you can save on employee wages and bonuses and reduce the amount of office space you need to rent. You also won’t need to purchase mailing machines and software and train your staff on how to use them, which can help you save a substantial amount of money.


Improve mailing quality and efficiency

Third-party companies that specialize in statement mailing have access to the latest technologies and equipment. This makes it easier for them to sort mail into appropriate groups, label envelopes with the correct address, and tackle other tasks. It also helps them minimize or even eliminate mistakes, ensuring that your clients will get their billing statements on time and receive the correct documents.


Have more time for your business

Handling statement mailing tasks on your own is time consuming. This is particularly true when your business grows and you attract more patients. By outsourcing this task, you’ll free up your schedule and have more time and energy to do more important things. These include creating effective marketing campaigns, and organizing training sessions for your staff. You can also take up continuing education classes to further your career. This will help you establish yourself as a reliable healthcare provider in your community, and grow your medical practice.


These are just some of the reasons to outsource statement mailing. Before you take this step, though, it’s important to remember that not all third-party providers are created equal. To ensure you get value for money, look for a company offering high-quality statement mailing services at reasonable rates. Of course, take a look at the company’s policies about data security. Don’t hand over customers’ private and sensitive information to a firm that doesn’t implement excellent online and offline security measures.

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